Devil’s Kiss
Country of Origin: USA
Region: Sonoma

Origin Story

The story of his wife’s passing was well known and when the new owners harvested the grapes and produced their first vintage, they were immediately seduced by the incredibly unique taste and feel of this wine. There was a devilish quality to the wine and when the it passed over their lips, it was difficult to stop. As if they were possessed.

  • Alcohol

    12.5% alc./vol.

  • Production Quality

    10,000 cases

  • Barrel Aging

    light oak

  • Estate Quality

    15,000 cases

Food Pairing

Vegetables: Carrots, Bell Peppers, Onion, Cabbage, Potatoes

Main Courses: Beef, Duck, Lamb, Wild Game, Heavily Spiced Dishes, Salads topped with Beef or Red Meats

Cheese: Goat, Gruyere, Blue, Gorgonzola

Sauces: Tomato-Based, Balsamic, Mushroom

Tasting Notes

The nose is bursting with blueberry, cocoa, leather and cinnamon. The structure is lush and full with soft tannins. The wine finishes with cedar cigar box, vanilla spice, and ripe red cherries.